Audi 80 B2 Airride

80 from 80’s

After Costa Rica, we have another car from abroad. Today we take a look at the beautiful Audi from Chris from the UK. Like Chris says, these boxy 80’s cars are beautiful. And in a way, these sharp edges are coming back today. Especially the new Audi are very sharply cut today. Although it will never be these boxy shapes, it has some reference to previous model designs. I want to thank Chris for taking the time to show us this beautiful, green 80 from the 80’s!

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Hi there! At first tell us who are you, where do you live and what are we going to talk about? 

Hi I’m Chris Smythe I live in Ashford, Kent in UK. I want to introduce you my Audi 80 B2.

How long have you been the owner, how did you get to the car?

I’ve owned the car 3 years, purchased from a guy in his 70s & we’re now friends. I send him pics of all my latest mods & shows & he loves it.

Why this car?

Just love boxy 80s cars

When was the first modification made?

Alloys had to be the first mod 😂 Fuchs Porsche wheels.

What was the last modification of the car?

USDM style indicator mod, so indicator lights stay on with sidelights.

The cheapest and most expensive modification?

Cheapest mod is the rear lenses I tinted them all red. Most expensive mod is the airride.

Do you solve the modifications on the car yourself, or do you put it somewhere in the garage / service?

I work on the car myself with the help of my good friend Sam

What made you start modifying your car?

I have always had modded cars wheels/lows but stopped when young family life started but now with teenage son I have time for my hobby again.

The best and worst experience with your car?

Best experience is winning a top 20 trophy at players classic (the best UK show) in 2019.
Worst experience is breaking down on the way to retrorides weekender but I got there in the end with help from friends (a broken ht lead)

Current car setup? Interior / Exterior / Engine / Chassis / Wheels / Audio / Other modifications

Engine: It’s a 1.8gl 90hp
Chassis: Full airride set up, custom front struts using Gaz coilovers with aero sport bags & rear air struts from Airride PL using 4 way manual switches
Interior: Completely standard in 9/10 condition plus airride gauges & switches made to look oem as possible
Exterior: Front valance (tow eye removed & filled, lower valance us a repurposed Renault item, clear indicator lenses, rear spoiler, rear Louvre I sourced from Russia
Wheels are Arbet 3 spokes 17×7.5 , a good friend of mine in the Netherlands found them, brand new old stock, I had to have them.

Will you reveal what are the next plans with the car?

My next plan is work on the front suspension to get it lower, which will require a new coilover/strut set up.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you do things yourself, or do you get inspired by foreign countries?

I get some inspiration from other nice builds I see on Instagram but sometimes I just try an idea out. If it works, great! If not, nothing lost.

What’s your daily car? 

My daily car is a very boring Peugeot city car used for commuting.

Do you have any other cars?

No other cars

At what events can we see your car?

I will be attending Players Classic in UK also Rollhard at Bicester and a hand full of other shows in UK.

What is your dream car that you would like to build?

I will build a Saab 900 turbo on airride with some custom 3 piece splits

Do you know of anyone who deserves to have an article about his car here?

I have a friend who is building a wide arch Subaru at the moment.

What would you recommend, tell novice enthusiasts about car modifications? What do you think is the ideal start?

I would tell novice enthusiasts to give things a try yourself. My car hasn’t seen a far garage or ramp, it’s all been done on my drive with a few friends to help when needed.

What would you like to say in conclusion?

I hope to be getting to shows in Europe next year and Wörthesee is a possibility

Thanks for your time and I wish you a lot of success, not only with modifications, in the future!