Subaru Impreza GT Static

All the way from Costa Rica

Just like we started with this web magazine a few months ago, we start today from the very beginning. Today, it’s actually about how tuning and styling is a an universal language. Thanks to Peter and his Swift, we managed to arrange an interview with a guy from Costa Rica himself. So today we will have neither a Czech nor a Slovak representative. Not even European. Let’s look at Latin America to Ricardo, with his great Impreza GC8. For most of you, it won’t actually be anything new, except that you will also learn something about cars from the other side of the planet. For us, it is a huge step, a huge responsibility and a lot of other work. So have an interview with Ricardo about Impreze today and I think a lot of you can read it in English. Follow Ricardo here! Give likes, follows, read and share tuneMAG. We are going international baby!

Hi there! At first tell us who are you, where do you live and what are we going to talk about? 

Greetings, my name is Ricardo, I am from San Jose Costa Rica and I want to tell you a little about project. My Subaru Impreza GT GC8 from the year 2000.

How long have you been the owner, how did you get to the car?

I bought the Subaru at the end of 2012 as I was part of a Rally car team here in Costa Rica. I bought it from a mechanic collegue. The car was very complete but being in the GT neighborhood it was one of the most basic that were imported to my country.

Why this car?

The truth is that I had not thought of acquiring an Impreza since for price reasons it was something that I could not afford at that time. But my friend helped me with the purchase price and the ease of payment and thanks to that I was able to acquire it. Being a mechanic for a team where 3 Subarus raced, of course he was more than happy with the purchase.

When was the first modification made and what was it?

The first thing that I modified, was a few months later, front brakes, because GT front calipers were only 2-pistons, I was able to order the 4-piston calipers of a 2001 Impreza WRX with the help of some friends who import parts of Japan to Costa Rica.

What was the last modification of the car?

The last thing I did was remove the coil pack that comes OEM on the intake manifold in the EJ207 engine that I have and make it with 4 independent coils, one per spark plug.

The cheapest and most expensive modification?

Cheap nothing… lol just kidding. I think it was the purchase of the OEM covers for the fog lights that are on the front bumper and the most expensive was the purchase of the complete EJ207 JDM engine that I bought from the USA.

Do you solve the modifications on the car yourself, or do you put it somewhere in the garage / service?

Thanks to my knowledge in mechanics, 90% of the work I can do myself, with the calm and love that only I can give. In the electrics is where I don’t know much and I have a great friend who helps me with those modifications.

What made you start modifying your car?

What made me start with the modifications was to see, that in this body many original parts can be changed for other still original ones for higher performance, both in engine, brakes, transmission and aesthetics.

The best and worst experience with your car?

The best is when I go out on the road driving my car and see that both people who are in other cars and people in general see how it draws attention for the state. And of course for the unmistakable sound of the Subaru .

The worst has been when I damaged my previous engine, which was the EJ205. That’s something that hurts the soul.


think it is something that goes very hand in hand, of course I lean more towards aesthetics that it is always clean and looks as original as possible. Even with the pieces that I have changed over time. Thinking about power, I invested in the EJ207 JDM that I installed with the corresponding electronics and high-performance Brembo brakes and the VF22 turbo.

Current car setup? Interior / Exterior / Engine / Chassis / Wheels / Audio / Other modifications


Currently has a complete set of blue seats from a 2004 USADM STI, same steering wheel from 2004 USADM STI, 3 Greddy watch pod (Boost, Oil temp and OIL Press)


Original bodywork, it has the OEM JDM V6 rear spoiler, OEM JDM front bumper lip, the Scoop of the engine cover is paid to be made to measure as the STI 2004, the mudguard kit of the version Type R JDM, the rear glass was installed with JDM brush and JDM red and white rear stops.


EJ207 JDM, J2 JDM ECU, 4.44 JDM gearbox, JDM locking rear differential, Brembo 4-wheel brakes with Stop Tech slotted discs, OEM STI 2004 JDM intercooled, TEIN suspension, custom 3-inch exhaust system from the Down pipe, VF22 tube, Gates Racing distribution kit with blue band, 4mm phenolic gaskets for the intake manifold, the change to coil per cylinder and OEM aluminum front fork clamps.


Aros BBS OEM 5×100, tires Falken Azenis TW200


Not heavily modified Pioneer audio, with a 10-inch subwoofer.

Will you reveal what are the next plans with the car?

The next thing I still want would be to change the TEIN suspension for a more recent model of the same brand and it would be the TEIN FLEX Z, this to have a smoother and more comfortable handling

Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you do things yourself, or do you get inspired by foreign countries?

I am browsing many Japanese and American pages and I try to apply the details that I really see that go with the year and model of my car without seeing something out of place. From time to time I venture and apply certain things of my personal taste.

Daily car? 

I really like the Toyota brand, at the time I worked 10 years for this brand here in my country. As a daily car I have a Toyota Tercel from the year 2000 1.5cc engine that is very reliable, at the time I modified it a bit.

Do you have any other cars?


At what events could be possible to see your car?

I like to attend car show events. I really like to go out in a group of friends who also have GC8s, we are like 10 cars in total and we like to go out to take a ride, take some photos and eat at different places.

What is your dream car that you would like to build?

As a car of my dreams I would like a Toyota Supra MK4 2JZ, I was able to drive some here in my country and it is a car that I really like.

Do you know of anyone who deserves to have an article about his car here?

Because of my work, since it is in a high-performance parts store for cars (Pitzonecr), I know a lot of fans of engines in all brands. I will recommend Ronald. He has a Skyline with a good history and I know that he would like to participate too.

What would you recommend, tell novice enthusiasts about car modifications? What do you think is the ideal start?

I would tell you never to see your projects or dreams as impossible, since calmly, asking and advising you in the best way you can get to have a good project at personal taste since it is for yourself and not for others.

What would you like to say in conclusion?

Thank you very much for the space and taking me into account the truth makes me feel very good that my car and my effort is noticeable in the way others see it. Big greeting from Costa Rica to Czech Republic!

Thanks for your time and I wish you a lot of success, not only with modifications, in the future!