Usable OEM+ daily

Each of us has a little different use of the car. Some modify and pull out their jewels only for a meeting, even in nice weather. Then there are those who buy the top version of the model and use it every day in the finals. Let’s talk about the second case today. The M3 is really a weapon and if you don’t expect it, it can train you quite a bit. Many owners only use the M3 as a ringtool, as a means of amusement in the districts or, in the worst case, to show someone how big their d*ck is (which is not the case today). From the original E92 M3, Gabe switched to the F80 M3. Although it is no longer a V8, it is still a very sharp sedan, which many of us would not drive daily. And we talked about that too.

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Hi there! At first tell us who are you, where do you live and what are we going to talk about? 

Hi, my name is Gabriel, I’m 31 and I’m from Ústí nad Labem. Today we will take a look at my F80 M3 “noncompetition”.

How long have you been the owner, how did you get to the car?

It’s going to be a year in June now, and I got to it over an acquaintance.

Why this car?

Before, I had an E92 M3 with a famous atmospheric 8-cylinder. The car was able to make a smile with every ride, but somehow I didn’t like having two cars anymore, so I went to the F80 that it would be usable daily.

When was the first modification made and what was it?

The first mod? It was wheel spacers, I hate the tram look.

What was the last modification of the car?

Last month I installed PFC brake pads, mixture 08, HEL brake hoses and RBF700 brakefluid. The car is finally braking (for my purposes). I should have done that right at the beginning 😊

The cheapest and most expensive modification?

The cheapest was the red start button and the most expensive wheels – 763M.

Do you solve the modifications on the car yourself, or do you put it somewhere in the garage / service?

Something alone, something service. I used to lie under the car as under a rally car, but today I rather let others work, moreover, I’m quite a meticulous person, so I prefer to watch someone else sweat and possibly fuck him, when it doesn’t correspond to my idea. 😂

What made you start modifying your car?

I prefer OEM +, ie. more or less a stock look with a few details that will strike the fan in the eye and leave the layman cold. I don’t like to attract attention, that’s why my cars (at least I think so) are always decent and without uselessness.

The best and worst experience with your car?

The best was riding in Most. I don’t like the hassle of a car on the circuit, nor am I a circuit driver and I don’t consider myself a good driver at all, but I have been twice this year and I really enjoyed it. The car worked great and I learned something. I like to ride briskly through the districts.

The worst experience was the emergency unlocking of the gearbox and the trip on the tow truck 900 km after the purchase. The crank carrier bolt has been loosened (sickness of S55). Fortunately, the DME (ECU) is so sensitive that in 90% of cases the engine is not damaged, which was my case. The timing belt have been re-established and that would be the end of it, right? But the defect was repeated after 25km, I was really dialed and I wanted to yell at someone. Cherry on top was that the ECU died. Fortunately, BMW Kopecký, where I bought the car, was really fair and repaired everything under their direction, they provided a spare car and I have driven approx. 15 ths. and everything is without defects now.


The power of the car has enough of my driving skills in the series, so I rather improve the brakes and chassis settings.

Stance? If you mean when the car is lying on its stomach and it’s useless, it’s not. But a reasonable lowering and a rather aggressive look, I like it 😊

Current car setup? Interior / Exterior / Engine / Chassis / Wheels / Audio / Other modifications


M-Performance carbon steering wheel decor
M-Performance carbon decor DCT complete
M-Performance carbon / alcantara handle
M-Performance carbon door handles
M-Performance carbon / alcantara armrest
Steering wheel in the Alcantara
Red start button 🙃
Tinted windows 35/20


CS carbon front lip
CS carbon rear aileron
M-Performance carbon rear diffuser
M-Performance carbon mirror covers
M-Performance side skirts in black gloss (the original version is not made of carbon on the f80)
Black competition grill
Black competition side exhalations
Black M3 sign

Chassis and brakes, exhaust:

CS 763M wheels + Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 / 666M Competition wheels + PSS
Eibach washers 12mm
H&R sleeve kit on EDC chassis
PFC08 brake pads
HEL brake hoses
Motul RBF700 brake fluid
Competition exhaust set

Will you reveal what are the next plans with the car?

I am waiting for the delivery of LCI2 headlights. Then I would like a CS carbon hood but I will sell car before I’ll get it. 😂

Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you do things yourself, or do you get inspired by foreign countries?

I make the car according to myself, I always try to keep it as clean as possible. Inspiration mostly on Instagram or forums.

Daily car? 


Do you have any other cars?

My wife has Golf mk7.

At what events can we see your car?

Only trackdays in Most, otherwise I’m tired of wasting time looking at standing cars. 🙃

What is your dream car that you would like to build?

A wet dream is the 911 GT3 RS

Do you know of anyone who deserves to have an article about his car here?

Maverickm4c. He has an awesome M4.

What would you recommend, tell novice enthusiasts about car modifications? What do you think is the ideal start?

An ideal start? It depends on your preferences, especially do not modify the car so that it will not be possible to drive it and it will be dangerous. 🙃

What would you like to say in conclusion?

Thanks for the chat and maybe see you sometime! Yeah, and to all the police officers who don’t have shits their heads and are willing to close their eyes (here and there) and understand that we are just people.

Thanks for your time and I wish you a lot of success, not only with modifications, in the future!